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Perfect World Devastation - The News Reel
  • The News Reel

    by Published on 29-03-2014 08:43 PM
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    Patch 74 has been uploaded to the auto-patcher. It is also available by manual patch download here.
    This patch is extremely large (1.1GB!) and is background files for the next update.

    As some of you know, we have been working on an update to 1.5.1 server files recently.
    This is the most labour intensive update to the server we have had to do to date, and will take a while yet before its anywhere near ready. We are putting this half of the update in now so that the eventual update will not be too much of a download hit to you guys on slow connections.

    You won't notice any changes ingame, its just background resources.

    More details will be released nearer the time!
    by Published on 17-02-2014 11:51 AM
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    Since we switched hosts 2 weeks our old machine has now expired and been wiped. This means that anybody who has not run their patcher.exe in the last two weeks will now find it unable to connect to any patcher-server to get the new serverlist and new patcher-server IP.

    To fix this please download this link and extract it in the same folder as your patcher.exe. This will then let you run your patcher, update and be able to play again.

    After our next patch (high file size) there will be a new installer released with this included by default.

    Happy Gaming!
    by Published on 30-01-2014 02:51 PM
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    The server will be down later today for 20 to 30 mins whilst we perform maintenance and move the server to an exciting new host!

    Nothing will change ingame, but the new hardware is important for us to implement the changes we have planned.

    You will need to run your patcher.exe to update your client to the new IP.
    If you do not update your client within 2 weeks, you may have to do it manually using a small patch we will release later on.
    by Published on 22-01-2014 03:35 PM
    Article Preview

    Maintenance Complete.
    Please run your auto-patcher or use manual patches: 70-72.cup 72-73.cup.

    We have added 6 new automatic events as a part of our new Event Rewards system. Attend the events to earn Event Crystals, which can be used at the Adventure Assistant to craft all sorts of unique items for your character.

    Celestial Tiger Event - Monday 21:00
    This public quest takes you outside of safe-zone, fighting 600 spawned mobs (this has been reduced from official) and their bosses. You will be rewarded with Event Crystals according to your contribution to the event.

    Devastation Dragon Event - Tuesday 16:00 and Thursday 23:00:
    Its an event where you have to kill the hardest boss in the game, but remember, don't act like a hero and try to kill it yourself, you will fail! Team work is the key in this event! From deva dragon you can get the Devastation Dragon mount, loads of Event Crystals and even a chance to get a Donation Crystal!

    Jungle Ruins - Tuesday 20:30
    Sounds scary huh? This is a extraordinary event where you have to complete quests and avoid mobs at the same time to earn Shattered Jungle Crests which can be crafted into Event Crystals! Dont let the mobs take the prize away from you!

    Cube of Fate - Wednesday 22:00
    Its an awesome, kinda logical event, you need to get through 50 rooms to win the prize! You will find many interesting quests to complete here! Come and participate! The adventure is waiting for you! First player who reaches room 50 wins 30 Event Crystals.

    Theatre of Blood - Saturday 19:00
    This PvP event will test your arena skills to the max. Collect blood by farming mobs and resources, and trade them in for Event Crystals. Sounds easy, but as you hold more materials the bounty on your head increases - and if you die you will lose them all.

    Snake Isle - Daily 12:30 & 21:30
    An old classic. Race your opponents around Snake Island to compete for the prize - 5 Event Crystals and a ticket for the weekly horse race (weekly race coming soon).

    Added a new female fashion set
    Added a new male fashion set
    Added a whole mess of new fashion weapons (many duplicates)
    Added 6 new Automatic Events
    Added a new automatic broadcasting system to aid auto-events
    Gave tiger form a new look
    Moved 'Pills' tab in item mall from 'Devastation' to 'Utility'
    Took the Santa-hat off the moon
    Updated guild logos

    New Custom content, unique to Devastation:
    Added 9 Male Custom Fashion items
    Added 11 Female Custom Fashion items
    Added 5 Custom Flights to Event Rewards
    Added Black Lunate weapon fashion to Event Rewards
    Added Giant Dodo mount to Event Rewards
    Added Devastation Dragon mount as drop from Devastation Dragon
    Added 22 new customisation options for eyes in advanced makeover
    Changed the help interface (L menu) with useful infos
    Changed male underwear design texture
    Added in the 7 previously unknown armor sets to Event Rewards as fashion - See below.

    For those of you who have used Ecatomb.net, you may remember an old armor set listed on that site as "Unknown". The set dates from the days when PW was Pay2play, and was GM only. When the game was released they were removed, however our development team was able to find them and add them back! They have been added into the Event Rewards as fashion, and are class restricted.
    The Magic&Immortal sets can only be used by wizards/clerics/psychics.
    The Yu-Mang set can only be used by archers/assassins/venos.
    The Strikes,Genma&Ares sets can only be used by Blademasters/Barbs/venos/clerics.
    The Genesis&Shaman sets can only be used by mystics/seekers.

    Known Issues:
    Some weapon fashions don't show up yet - this means PW Beijing hasn't finished them yet.
    Some icons are missing/not made yet.
    by Published on 24-12-2013 03:14 PM

    On behalf of all of us here at DevaPW we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

    To celebrate the occasion we have been hosting a number of events over this festive season, including the Christmas Penguin Event. With todays patch this event has been drastically improved with tougher bosses and better rewards! Simply journey to Frigid Bay to join the event (460, 210).

    We have also created a new auto-event rewards system, based on our successful 1.3.8 Event Rewards system, which will allow you to participate in all of PWs daily/weekly/monthly automatic events (and some custom ones of our own) and reap more suitable rewards from the Adventure Assistant - who can be found next to the Wolf Cub in any major city! This years improved Christmas Event will be the first Event added to the Event Rewards system. This means its the fastest way to get your hands on the prizes asap!

    And what prizes do the events offer, you ask? Our development team has increased in size lately and thanks to the hard work of Shizuko we have a male and female set of completely custom Christmas fashion and a Christmas Rudolf Mount - All completely unique to Devastation! We have also added the previously beloved Chocobo mounts to the Event Rewards. In the future it will be expanded with custom gear, custom weapon fashion, more custom fashion and more interesting mounts!

    We hope you are looking forward to this as much as we are, and have a great Christmas this year!
    by Published on 24-12-2013 01:53 PM
    Article Preview

    Server maintenance and update now complete!
    Manual patch 69-70 can be downloaded here.
    Manual patch 68-69 can be downloaded here.

    Changelog v70:
    Added 2 new xmas fashion sets
    Added 2 new xmas head fashions
    Placed crafting for these in the Event Rewards at the Adventure Assistant.

    Changelog v69:
    Addition of the Christmas Penguin Event!
    6 new female fashion sets.
    3 new male fashion sets.
    Custom Christmas fashion set unique to Devastation.
    Custom Christmas mount unique to Devastation.

    Beginnings of the Auto-Event Rewards system.
    Chocobo mounts for this rewards system.
    All GV now requires just 1 person to open.

    [Den of Rabid Wolves]
    - modified to have lvl 150 Wolves
    - wolves will drop R9 3rd cast molds
    - there are 8 wolves total and a boss, each dropping a part of a set
    - Deadly Wolf Overlord (boss)
    - White Wolf
    - Spring Wolf
    - Summer Wolf
    - Autumn Wolf
    - Winter Wolf
    - Angry Wolf
    - Furious Wolf
    - Deadly Wolf

    [Firecragg Grotto]
    - modified to have lvl 150 ants
    - there is 1 ant-type + a boss in this instance
    - Deadly Ant Overlord (boss)
    - Deadly Ant
    - all the ants got a chance to drop Supply Tokens
    - boss will drop a lot of Supply Tokens

    by Published on 17-10-2013 10:12 AM

    Hello Ladies and Gentlement!

    It seems (or so you thought) We would be hosting a BOI server.
    however, as you can see: that is not the case!

    We are still hosting a WOI server, with Legendary Crusade now.
    For now we will be in BETA, what does this mean?
    1: you can help us deciding what to do with the server!
    2: we need to tune the server a bit, so help us decide what to do.
    3: at the end of the BETA, your game account + character will be wiped, no exception there.

    WOI will however get its own dedicated site, so this is the only time you will find a announcement about it here.
    WOI's new site: Devastation War of the Immortals - Legendary Crusade

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