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Perfect World Devastation - The News Reel
  • The News Reel

    by Published on 11-08-2014 11:13 AM

    Patch v96~v99

    Server maintenance is now complete!
    We have put in many changes in this patch to stats and added in a few new fancy things.

    Since the TW map was wiped and reset recently we are proud to announce the return of our Daily-TW Event! This event is now fully automatic and will run for two weeks for maximum territorial war experience!


    [Boutique] - fixed in v98
    - Added Feral Stars
    - Added 12 new smiley sets

    - R8 Recast tops & boots have been wiped
    - R8 Recast top & boots can get 3 stats again
    - R8 Recast top & boots can no longer get aps

    [Nuema Spirits]
    - Nuema spirits are now tradeable
    - Nuema spirits give more Nuema now

    - The tarantulas in the harshlands (the big purple ones) now have a chance to drop Lucky coins & Gold coins
    - Changed the amount of Lucky & Gold coins needed per engravement to 40/10 each

    - Fixed new mounts speed to 15 m/s

    The TW map is now Wiped!
    Territory War will now be daily for the next two weeks!

    - S boxes from FSP are now 100% guaranteed to give S class cards

    [Nirvana keys]
    - Mysterious Old Man now gives 9999 keys instead of 1

    [Twilight Temple] - fixed in v99
    - Experimental test to remove squad requirements

    [Nirvana Temple]
    - All bosses now have a 25% chance to drop a Uncanny Chest (gives 50 Uncanny Crystals)
    - Last boss now has a 25% chance to drop a Rapture Chest (gives 50 Rapture Crystals)
    # Relieves the stress of having to pick up over 400 lose UC and RC
    - Experimental test to remove squad requirements
    by Published on 25-07-2014 06:27 PM

    As of today, PW & WOI Devastation have a new family member added.
    Namely: Devastation Battle of the Immortals.

    For more info, head over to: BOI Devastation
    by Published on 10-07-2014 07:40 PM

    Maintenance is now complete! Manual patches 87-89.cup and 89-95.cup are available for download or run your auto-patcher.

    - Fixed war avatars once more, unlevelable
    - you can now stack war avatars
    - fixed a bow
    - fixed donation crafts

    - fixed exp/drop/sp rate
    - fixed the real donation decomposing
    - fixed lack of soulforce on donation gear (Belt now gives +4000 soulforce)
    - barbarians can no longer use fists & Claws

    - added workaround for Donation Armor Decomposing

    Hello, folks old and folks new!

    The current update will be covering new weapon fashion, as some of you might have requested earlier. In total, there have been 37 new weapon fashion skins added for both male and females. These will contain the 'new' 1.5.1 weapons as skin, the G15 dark red weapons, R9 weapons, some weapons that PW has never used before and some other iconic weapons for you to use!

    Aside from the free weapon skins, there will be new custom weapons available from the attendant NPC. They cost as much as the custom Black Lunate does, so work your bums off in automatic events! They are as followed:

    Dragon's bane - Psychic orb
    Grief and Sorrow - Assassin daggers
    Behemoth - Archer bow
    Devastator - One handed short weapon
    Death - Scythe, one handed long weapon

    They are all displayed in the Update image

    Other stuff
    [Rank 9]
    - fixed a crafting bug wich made certain 3rd cast armors uncraftable
    - Moved 3rd cast recrafting to the Rising Dawn Forge

    - Want to browse the forum ingame? now you can
    - added a ingame forum browser
    # for a detailed description on how to use it, read: Browser Instructions

    [Donation Armors]
    - Donation Crystals have been renamed to DC Exchange Ticket
    - added a option to the Eldest Matchmaker to create DC with the Exchange Tickets
    - Added a new Donation Crystal, this one is account bound.
    - You can now decompose Donation Armors back to DC

    What does this mean? simple
    once you donate, you will recieve a DC Exchange Ticket. this one may be sold, thrashed,traded or whatever you want to do with it.
    OR, you can use it to make a actual Donation Crystal. however from here on out they will be account bound. this means once you make them, there is no going back. its bound to that account.
    It allows you to make Devastation Armors on that account, or decompose those armors back to DC. So if you have more then 1 character you can use swap donation armors across those chars.
    But, as said above. you can no longer trade these new DC's.
    by Published on 07-07-2014 07:41 PM
    Article Preview

    The Server Maintenance is now Complete!
    Manual patch is available here: 86-87.cup

    Football kit fashion so you can support your favourite World Cup team (even if they've already gone out).
    A new flight for each class.
    4 new male fashion sets + head fashion.
    4 new female fashion sets + head fashion.
    2 new mounts.
    An update to the guild logos
    Some more secret background changes following a community poll.

    by Published on 12-06-2014 02:37 PM
    Article Preview

    The Server Maintenance is now complete & patch v85 is live!
    This update is mostly content additions but also contains some bug fixes and changes.
    Manual patch is available to download here.

    [New Stuff in the Item Mall]
    Added 24 new Weapon Fashions.
    Added 4 new male fashion sets.
    Added 4 new female fashion sets.
    Added 5 new flights.
    Added 2 new mounts.
    Added 3 new baby pets.
    Added a whole new group of new weapons skins for a future update.

    Updated Player Model files to fix missing skill animations.
    Updated Arcane Sky Pills to give 20 times more Vitae than before.
    Slightly increased overall health and attack.
    Some super-secret background changes.

    Returned the "Revelation Potion" to a 5 minute cooldown, which is a potion that gives you the ability to detect sins, and is available in the event mall under Inventory>Potions.

    Launched a new community poll:
    Should anything be changed for fist WBs?

    by Published on 12-06-2014 09:44 AM
    Article Preview

    Since the 1.5.1 update we've been getting the same support tickets and bug reports from people about client problems that are easily solved.
    If you're feeling stuck or lost about why your clients not working, or why your meridian flame and flight particle effects are not showing up, read on for solutions!

    Problem: "I get an error when I start my client, it says something like 'models/players/????/????.ecm' and then crashes."

    Solution: Your models.pck contains bad header checksums and is unable to read past a certain point. You should run ModelsFixer.exe (found in the 'element' folder) and see if this program is able to rebuild and sort out your models.pck. If the program runs out of memory or crashes, chances are your PC is not powerful enough to fix the problem due to the 2.5GB size of models.pck, and you will have to download our new client installer with the problem already fixed.

    Problem: "I can't see any of the particle effects on my flight and/or my meridian is stuck and won't progress to the 'flame' meridian". This doesn't happen if you used the new client installer.

    Solution: Your gfx.pck contains bad header checksums and is unable to read past a certain point. You should run GFXFixer.exe (found in the 'element' folder) and this program will rebuild and sort out your gfx.pck.

    Problem: "It says in the changelog that is fixed, but its not fixed on my client"

    Solution: You need to run your auto-patcher (patcher/patcher.exe) or download the manual patch for the new update, silly.

    If none of this helps, you can always contact support.pwdevastation.com and we can help you out on a 1 to 1 basis.

    by Published on 04-06-2014 10:25 PM
    Article Preview

    Ready for a brand new ground breaking event of its kind?

    Starting next week on Monday the 9th of June, DevastationPW will be having a week of pure Daily TW madness.

    During the first 11 hours of each day bidding will be open from 1am till 12 noon.
    From 2pm till 5pm will be the first set of battles.
    From 8pm till 11pm will be the second set of battles.
    (all times are GMT+1 - British Summer Time)

    What does this mean? Well with only two battle time-slots it means that bigger guilds will be easier to take down and the TW map will never look the same. The event will be running until the end of the week (Sunday the 15th), meaning that an interesting weekend of TW PvP is due for all taking part!

    Remember owning a level 2 or higher territory will also earn you a guild logo! There will also be an award at the end of the week for the best new underdog guild (everybody loves cheering for the underdogs).

    An event like this has never been done before, but has long been pondered. The development team will be hosting this event and controlling everything manually after discovering a way to do this thanks to some leaked official documents. Whilst some servers have searched ways to do this using hard server restarts, there will be no restart required at any point for this event.