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Perfect World Devastation - The News Reel
  • The News Reel

    by Published on 14-03-2015 03:22 PM

    manual patches:

    planned changes

    - nbc weapons wiped have been wiped
    - weapon crystals have been wiped
    - weapon souls have been wiped

    - ws/nv/demonic slingshot berserk => seal

    - all belts have been wiped
    - all rings have been wiped
    - all necklaces have been wiped
    - CT rate has been lowered to origional values
    # NO refund will be given (besides the ones that donated for -12, those will get it back)

    - WS/NV weapons can be refunded to 10 db's at the donation weapon npc
    - Demonic slingshot can be refunded to demonic slingshot (new) at the donation weapon npc

    - fixed deva hierograms to give 2 billion hp/mp
    - lowered MP hierogram reload from 8 to 5 seconds

    - removed old voting items (example: vote ticket to vote ticket,leftovers)

    - adjusted all 402 pets to be more dureable,healthier and stronger
    - all pets hp has been increased to be around 20~25k hp instead of 3~6k (estimated)
    - all pet food increased pet loyalty by 500 points
    - all werefox pets now eat any of the available food (yes, now even a cacti pet can eat dragon meat)

    - all accesory now sells for 1 coin
    - all weapons now sell for 1 coin
    - all armors now sell for 1 coin

    [bonus patchnote]
    - anyone still spamming a gms mailbox with coins will have their mailbox filled to the brim instead with coins
    by Published on 22-02-2015 06:19 PM

    Patch v11

    Manual patch: 10-11.cup


    [Bad words]
    - removed a lot of common words from the forbidden words list
    - generally updated forbidden words list

    - g13 wrist added back
    - g13 can now get 3 stats again
    - g13 casting items will be tradeable on craft, but will soulbound on equip

    [Cresent Valley]
    - Removed blacksmith & forges

    [ADC Crafting area]
    - Removed blacksmith

    [Attack charms]
    - charms stack till 9999 again

    [HP/MP charms]
    - raised deva charms from 10 million to 2.134 billion capacity

    - G15 weapons/armors/accesory now only come in 3 stat purple variants (no more white thrash!)
    - G15 craft requirements have been lowered to 1 Jet Jade a piece

    - Bows can be used by all classes again

    Dev note:
    Now, yes, we added G13 with 3 stats back due to a lot of you wanting that.
    however, this comes at a cost. you will now have to walk to sell your crafted stuff as the blacksmith is gone at the forges
    this and the removal of the forges in CV is purely to limit the use of bots.

    Futhermore, G13 now acts like TT99 gold gear does. after craft you can sell or trade it just fine but once you equip it it soulbinds.
    We will NOT ever unbind bound G13 accessory so keep that in mind.
    by Published on 18-02-2015 08:01 PM

    Manual patch:

    [G17 magic rings]
    - wiped rings (replaced with a refund item)
    - removed cast from rings
    - removed p.def from rings
    - added m.def to rings

    - removed demonic stuff

    [event daggers]
    - changed to 25 event tokens

    [word filters]
    - re-implemented the word filter
    by Published on 17-02-2015 07:46 PM

    Manual Patch : 108-109.cup

    in today's update:
    - removed arrows

    - made new fashion dyeable

    - fixed female hairs

    - fixed carrot and a bunch of other fashion weapons
    by Published on 14-02-2015 08:38 AM

    Tis the day of love,of hate and even the day of the jealous ex

    Tis also the day of the revenge of the Teddybear
    Mr.Teddybear is done being given as a valentine gift year in year out, this year he wants a girlfriend for himself.

    To do so, he has decided to invade not 1,not 2, not 3, but 9 villages! Being lead by their Boss Bears.

    [Event notes]
    - Super Ultra Rare pet drops (from both normal bears & boss bears)
    - Cupid's Arrows! Spread the love!
    - Death's Arrows!? For all the jealous exes out there!
    - a multi purpose launcher to shoot said arrows

    Happy valentine everyone!
    by Published on 13-02-2015 06:01 PM

    Version 108

    manual patch : 107-108.cup

    - added 16 fashion weapons for each gender

    - general bugfixes and some cleanup
    by Published on 11-02-2015 05:18 PM

    Update 11/02/2015

    Manual Patch 5-6
    Manual Patch 6-7
    Manual Patch 7-8

    - G17 Set Token : 10 db => 50 db
    - removed the ability to craft weapon souls & other NBC stuff
    - all armors now default craft with 4 sockets
    - all weapons now default craft with 2 sockets
    - Trumpets are now crafted with venoms again with a 1:2 ratio
    - fixed a wrongly set vote ticket requirement for G17 Set Token

    [Demonic gear]
    - Wiped demonic gear
    - Demonic weapons/armors are back to donation only (or aquired through voting)

    [G17 Magic Ring]
    - re-added G17 magic ring

    [Event prizes]
    - added missing golden chocobo to Deva exchange

    - you now get 2 vote tickets per vote

    - G17 Set Token 50 db => 20 db
    - All G17 pieces 10 db => 5 db

    [Demonic gear]
    - fixed 2 leftovers (Heavy top & pants)

    - Removed PVP Protection (AKA: Blue Name)