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Perfect World Devastation - The News Reel
  • The News Reel

    by Published on 01-02-2015 04:18 PM

    Manual patch:
    Patch 2 - 3
    Patch 3 - 4

    1.3.8 has been updated!

    1. over 700 recipes have been updated/altered
    2. As much as we like free stuff, it was a bit too easy.
    G16 is free at ADC forges, G17 and 18 have to farmed

    3. Wedding Candies in Boutique > Inventory > Items now give 20.000 reputation on use

    To accomodate this, character database has been cleared.

    This is the only time this happens, now we can start adding new features to 1.3.8 with the old 1.3.8 pretty much restored.
    by Published on 30-01-2015 10:42 AM
    Article Preview

    The Classic 1.3.8 server has now launched and is live!

    Please make sure you have the full client downloaded:
    There is also a manual patch available for v2 here (or run your auto-patcher).

    The server rates are:
    Exp: 300,000x
    SP: 10,000x
    Gold: 10,000x
    Drops: 20x (and actually working, unlike in the old 1.3 days when this parameter did nothing)

    To be clear this is the most recent version of the server as thats when our backup is from. Characters were not kept.

    See you out there!

    by Published on 24-01-2015 05:40 PM
    Article Preview

    We are proud to announce that Devastation 1.3.8 will be returning this Friday at 19:00 gmt+0 UK time.

    This classic-style server will be launching with the same rates and gear as before.

    Over the last couple of months we have been restoring our old service from an array of backups and updating our old 1.2.6 server-core for the newly available 1.3.1 server-core. If you still have the original 1.3.8 client, you will still be able to use this since the client supports both server-cores.

    We want to see the opinion of the community before we work to change anything. With the large advancements in PW development recently we are now able to control the balance in 1.3.8 much better than previously. There will be a huge amount of community involvement with this server (developer applications will open Friday) and we're very much looking forward to it.

    The installer and small patch for the old client will be up later this week.

    Tell all your friends, Deva 1.3.8 is back!
    We look forward to seeing you in-game.

    by Published on 24-12-2014 07:52 PM

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    This year santa has brought his sweets again!

    Santa's reindeers aren't particulary happy. They are so angry about having to drag the old man around that they decided to attack "A Thousand Stream City"
    Meanwhile their fellow Snowman are also invading "Snowy Village"

    Santa has promised to reward anyone who helps cleaning up the attacking snowman and reindeers.

    Other notes:

    [Devastation Princess]
    - now offers free R9 3rd cast as starting gear
    - also offers a free tome to boot!

    [Treasure Hunters Unite]
    - Altered the Treasure Map Hunt daily quest
    - completing the daily Treasure Map Hunt now awards Event Crystals
    by Published on 24-12-2014 01:04 PM

    Patchnotes 24/12/2014

    [World events]
    - Tea Drinker
    * on completion: awards title & event crystals
    - Fisher
    * on completion: awards title & event crystals
    - Kitten
    * on completion: awards title & event crystals
    - Raccoon
    * on completion: awards title & event crystals
    #disclaimer: You will have to find these npc's yourselves

    - Title: Joyful
    - Title: Proud
    - Title: Diligent
    - Title: Powerful
    - Title: Perfect Lover
    - Title: Archosaur Shamed
    - Title: Can't Leave The Game
    - Title: Cute and Stupid
    * these are now all available at the Event NPC for 25 Event Crystals each

    [Devastation Armors]
    - Armors & Accessory have recieved a 5% boost in base defenses

    [Death armors]
    - Fixed setbonusses

    [Holy & Dark lion eggs]
    - eggs have been fixed, they now give the proper mount

    [Firecragg grotto]
    - ants now drop a "Suppy Token Packs x10"
    - ants have 25% to drop ST pack
    - these packs can be converted to ST at the Forge of Materials in North ADC
    - ant Overlord now drop a "Suppy Token Packs x10"
    - overlord has 100% chance to drop ST pack
    by Published on 14-12-2014 07:46 PM

    Manual patch : 102-103.cup

    [Death Bosses]

    - Death: Mystery of Antiquity
    - Death: Machinoslitt
    - Death: Minion of Death
    - Death: Cerberean Sentinel
    - Death: Ancient Spearman
    - Death: Alphaleus
    - Death: Auprus: Ton
    - Death: Shadow Doll
    - Death: Sonic Oppressor
    - Death: Soul Hunter
    - Death: Hornska Lord
    - Death: Dipter
    - Death: Sword Tamer
    - Death: Broadkris Drudge
    - Death: Cloudstroller
    - Death: Ossein Lord: Flame
    - Death: Earthen Hulk
    - Death: Ossein Lord: Venom
    - Death: Rottenflesh Abomination
    - Death: Poleaxe Deathrider
    - Death: Hellgate Watchdog
    - Death: Frostagelion Type-0
    # These bosses WILL wipe the floor with you
    # (Note: Get a cleric, maybe even 2)

    [Death soul]
    - Can be used for S+ packs
    - Can be used for very powerful Nuema items
    - Dropped by Death bosses

    [Death Armors]
    - New armorset featuring a unique look for each class
    - each set comes with accessory and a weapon
    - WR gets a Pike,Sword and Axes.

    [Death Incarnate]
    - Devastation Princess's boyfriend has joined the fray
    - He can be found behind the Devastation Princess
    - used to craft new armors,weapons and accessory

    [Donation Armors]
    - Donation set received a boost in stats to make up for the new armorset
    - Rings have been removed from the donation set bonus. (due to mass abuse of wearing 2 rings to glitch out the set bonus)

    [Celestial Tigers]
    - Lowered needed tigers from 7999 to 2500
    - It now gives event crystals again as rewards (ranging from to 30 to 5)

    - 5 new type of eyes have been added.
    - Cat Eye
    - Anime Eye
    - Heart Eye
    - Star Eye
    - Rinnegan
    # see the following thread on how to use them. Thread

    [Event rewards]
    - re-added Xmas fashion to the Event reward npc
    - added 2 unique mounts created by one of our designers
    - mounts cost 250 event tokens each

    - Primordial bloods are now tradeable

    - Reworked all spiders
    - Lucky Tarantula, only drops lucky coins
    - Ancient Tarantula, only drops Ancient Emblems
    - Fragment Tarantula, drops tome fragments
    - Deva Tarantula, can drop all 3 items above and supply tokens

    [Devastation Snowball]
    - Take a snowball to the face
    - Dropped by snowman (0.5%)
    - Will leave a mark

    [Nightscream Island & 3rd Fairy]
    - Zombie Legion Marshal
    - Dark Legion Marshal
    - Legion Marshal
    # these bosses are now located on Nightscream Island (no more GV!)
    # these bosses have been slightly buffed (due to me taking away 4 hours of GV, to compensate)
    # these bosses now drop the chrono pages for lvl100 skills (due to the original bosses now being Death bosses)
    by Published on 04-10-2014 09:47 PM
    Article Preview

    We have today launched a community poll to ask you guys to help us decide on what we want to do for our 1.5.1 PW server!

    This is an important opportunity to voice your opinion on what we should do with our updates and influence the outcome of the our server development!

    The poll will be open for 10 days!
    In what direction do you think we should take DevastationPW?

    Multiple votes by the same people will not be tolerated and will result in IP bans.

    -Your very friendly local development team (Which is currently hiring!)